Wall Decals Help Index
Background Color of the Wall Decal
  Our Wall Decals are intricately cut followed by a process called weeding, where all the negative material is removed by hand. There is no background on any of our decals (unless otherwise requested), leaving YOUR wall surface/color to serve as the background and negative space of your chosen design. We ship the cut and weeded design in the color, size and orientation that you selected. Our decals offer a clean, professional, mural-like appearance for any type of environment.
Color Samples & Test Vinyl
  All computer monitors are calibrated differently, so the COLOR CHART may vary in appearance from one computer to another. Please order the $5 TEST SAMPLE KIT if your require certainty in color matching or need to test the vinyl on a questionable wall surface prior to purchase. The sample kit includes 5 colors of your choice, a sample decal and instructions to test the decal application process and adhesion. *Please Note: All walls (including newly painted) must be washed with a damp cloth and fully dried prior to applying test samples and wall decal products.

Contact us at info@walltat.com if you are interested in a sample of any of the following:
  • Removable/Reusable
  • Permanent (gloss finish)
  • Permanent (matte finish)
Color, Size and Orientation Options
  We offer many of our products in a number of sizes and stock vinyl colors that we have available in house. We also offer the option to "reverse" applicable decals, which means we can mirror the image for a different look or to install on the inside of glass to read on the outside of glass. However, if our stock options are not quite what you are looking for, we have a "Request Customization" button on every single one of our product pages that allows you to submit a request for resize, color, or added design. This will submit a form to our team of designers to help you with a custom design and quote of an existing product.

Can I order a smaller size wall decal than what is offered online?
You certainly can! To a certain extent that is, each decal has fine, intricate details that if made too small, will be impossible to reproduce. But please feel free to submit your request from any of our "Request Customization" buttons or email us at info@walltat.com and we can assist you in further details!
Custom Wall Decals
  If you cannot find the perfect WALLTAT for your project, our team will gladly create one for you from the artwork that you supply us! You can submit your request on a Custom Page, or simply email us at info@walltat.com and include the following info:

1. Your artwork or scanned artwork in Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), PDF, EPS, or JPG in 300 dpi+ or a PDF file.
2. Overall size specifications (width or height dimensions).
3. Type of application: indoor, outdoor, floor, etc.
4. Type of adhesive: permanent or removable.
5. Either a stock color selection from our color chart, specify a custom color, or specify 'full color' and we will provide you with the necessary quote! We also can do Pantone color match, except on our removable/reusable material.
6. And any additional info we may need to provide you with an accurate quote.

We price all our customs based on square footage, type of adhesive and vinyl, complexity of design, and whether or not we will be required to include design time. ALL our custom orders are final sales, due to the fact that each order is made specifically for you. If you do not have access to vector files for your design, we will accept high resolution JPGS for quoting purposes. We may have to redraw your image which can incur design fees in addition to the file set up fee and product cost.

Although we have dozens of talented graphics designers working up our creations from around the world, we do not staff them on a daily basis. If you have a design in mind that you cannot find artwork for and would like our assistance in designing it for you, please email us with a concept image similar to what you have in mind and include the above information. Once you approve the quote, we will mock up a design for your approval.
Dimensions & Measuring
  In order for us to maintain a consistent unit of measurement for all of our Wall Decals, we have sized each WALLTAT design in the exact layout in which they are presented online. We ask that you be sure to measure your space prior to deciding on a size, as we do not take returns for sizing errors on your part. For designs incorporating more than one element, customers can decide on how to space each element once they receive them, simply by cutting them out with household scissors and placing them where they work best. You can mimic our presentation, or place each element however and where ever you choose. Dimensions are typically based on the overall size of the image in our mock ups unless stated otherwise on the specific product page.

If you have questions about any of our sizing, please contact us at info@walltat.com or call us M-F 8am-8pm EST.
Lead Time & Shipping Contents
  Lead Time: We offer our customers the freedom to create their own WALLTAT from a selection of 500+ designs, 35 colors, a number of sizes, and an orientation option. It is not feasible (or eco-friendly) for us to stock the thousands of combinations that are available. We are a custom, made-to-order company and we make them as you order them. We require 1-3 business days from the order date to create and inspect each of our stock orders before shipping. For any custom color orders or custom decals, it may take closer to 3-5 business days for production. These are a combination of machine and hand made products that take time and care. Once your order is completed and inspected, you will receive an email with a link to your tracking information via the "My Account" section of the WALLTAT website.

Shipping Contents: With your WALLTAT you will be receiving your packing slip, our written installation instructions, and a wall-friendly plastic squeegee with a rubber edge for delicate installation.
Removing Wall Decals
  Removing your Wall Decal: We use a high-quality, matte finish, removable adhesive vinyl for the majority of our stock images. To remove the wall decal, simply lift up an edge (fingernails or a razor blade work best) and slowly peel away from the surface.  Our adhesive backed vinyl will not leave any residue behind, however the longer the image is on the surface, the more likely the adhesive is to harden. If residue remains after the vinyl decal is removed, start with the most gentle solution below and progress from there:

1) Using your fingers, rub gently to remove any residue.  If that doesn't work...
2) Mix a solution of hot water and gentle dish soap, gently clean residue off with a soft cloth.  Rinse.  If that doesn't work...
3) Mix a solution of vinegar and hot water (ratio of 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water), spray on wall, wait, wipe with soft cloth.  Rinse.  If that doesn't work...
4) Mix equal parts ammonia and water in a spray bottle, add one or two squirts of liquid dish soap and spray the adhesive with the ammonia solution, working in a small area. Rub the wall clean with a rough cloth. Repeat as needed until the adhesive is completely removed. Wipe down the wall with a cloth moistened with clear water to remove any remaining cleaner or adhesive residue on the surface NOTE - don't let vinegar or ammonia solutions drip onto anything that it may damage (put cloth down).

For our chrome and gold reflective, the adhesive material is stronger than that of the matte vinyl.  Following the solutions above should work to remove any residue.

For our frosted glass vinyl, we use a permanent adhesive material that may require a heat gun to remove.

For additional removal instructions, please contact us at info@walltat.com.

One-Time-Use Wall Decals: Due to the intricate cuts of our stock wall decals, it is extremely difficult to salvage during the removal process and are considered a one-time-use wall decal product.
Vinyl Product Information
  Stock Vinyl Colors: Removable, matte finish, one time use (NOT Reusable) 3+ years indoors, 2+ years outdoors. This vinyl is color through out, so if placed on glass, the color will be visible on both sides. Fire Rated: ASTM E 84-07 Class A

Chrome and Gold Reflective: Permanent, mirror-like, foil finish, one time use (NOT Reusable) 3+ years indoors, 2+ years outdoors. This vinyl is double sided foil, so if installed on a window, it will be visible inside and out. Fire Rated: ASTM E 84-07 Class A

Frosted Glass Vinyl: Permanent, semi-transparent, matte finish, one time use (NOT Reusable) 5+ years outdoors and indoors. This vinyl is not see through, but will allow some light in for privacy or a sandblasted look. Does not damage glass. Upon removal will leave adhesive residue which requires a cleaning solution to remove. Self-extinguishing ISO 3795.

If you would like to see any of the technical sheets for our materials, please email us at info@walltat.com.
Vinyl Wall Decals FAQs
  What is the average lifespan of WALLTAT Decals?
The lifespan of a WALLTAT is 3+ years indoors and 2+ outdoors for both our colored and reflective materials. For our frosted material, the life span is 5+ years indoors and outdoors. Results will vary depending on the surface material it was applied to, the weather conditions that it was applied in, the amount of direct sunlight that is applied to the decal, etc. WALLTAT products placed in direct sun, or areas with moisture/steam (not recommended) may compromise the adhesive.

How would WALLTAT Decals look if installed on glass?
All of our stock vinyl (colored, reflective, and frosted) has the same level of color on both sides. The color you see on the face is the same color on the adhesive side. It allows the color to be consistent on both the interior and exterior views of the decal when applied to glass. It is recommended that you install any wall decals on the interior side of windows and doors to maximize the lifespan of the decal.

Do WALLTAT Decals come in separate pieces that you have to install one by one?
Since each of our designs is very detailed and doesn't come with a clear backing, your decal will be cut in individual pieces. However, you will definitely not have to apply each piece individually. Our decals are adhered to a paper backing and covered with a transfer film that is used as both a protective layer and as an installation tool. The transfer film has an adhesive of it's own that is used to remove the entire design from the paper backing and transfer it to your wall or other installation surface with ease!

Can I install my decal right after I have finished painting?
We highly advise waiting at least 30 days before installing your decal after new paint. There is an off-gassing period that all paint must go through to fully cure and the time period may vary from 2 weeks up to 2 months. If the decal is installed right away, your decal will not adhere to the surface or begin to pull off your wall slowly.

Can I install my decal on a textured surface?
Our decals are intended for smooth surfaces mostly, however if the wall or surface is lightly textured, we suggest you install your decal with a soft cloth or sponge to push the vinyl into the grooves. We advise getting a couple samples of our materials to test on your surface if you're concerned about it working. Any unfinished, dusty, fabric textures will most likely not be a proper installation surface.
Wall Conditions & Textured Walls
  Where can I apply my Wall Decal and will it stick?

Almost anywhere that is smooth and oil-free! Smooth drywall, ceilings, finely finished wood, laminates, polished sealed concrete, smooth metal, exterior of glass shower enclosures, interior and exterior windows, flat panel doors, mirrors, fan blades, cabinetry, smooth tile, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, porcelain, and many more! WALLTAT does not guarantee the success of WALLTAT products directly exposed to moisture/steam for an extended period of time. WALLTAT cannot be held responsible for misapplication, substrate adhering issues or damages caused during installation. WALLTATs will not adhere to wet or moist surfaces.

TEXTURED SURFACES - If you are applying your WALLTAT to any texture greater than an orange skin (standard drywall finish), we suggest that you first look into receiving a couple samples of our vinyl first. Surface stippling or imperfections caused by faux finished paint applications may not allow the WALLTAT products to adhere properly and can sometimes create punctures in the vinyl. Typically our decals can still be applied to lightly textured surfaces, however we would suggest using a soft cloth to push the decal into the dips and grooves in your surface.

PAINT TYPE - Dry, smooth surfaces of an eggshell, semi-gloss or glossy painted surface is recommended for best results. Decals may adhere to flat painted surfaces, however we do recommend getting a sample or two to test on any flat paint prior to purchase. New paint must be dry for at the very least 30 days prior to installation. There are several additives in paint products today that are designed to not allow other objects to stick to the wall. Paint products that are low VOC, or are stain resistant or mildew resistant will not allow any sort of adhesive material to stick to the surface. Please make sure your paint isn't this type of paint before buying a decal.
Wall Decals to Wall Stickers Comparison
  WALLTAT only sells Wall Decals, which are very different than Wall Stickers.  Wall Decals are made with color vinyl that is intricately cut on a machine and all negative areas of the design are removed (by hand), leaving only the design itself to be installed.  Wall Sticker designs are printed on clear vinyl that are only cut around the perimeter.  This leaves a visible clear background in between the design elements that holds the sticker together.  Wall Decals do not have this clear background which allows your wall color to serve as the background giving a clean, professional mural-like effect.  For this reason, Wall Decals are not reusable, they are too intricate to try and salvage when removed from the wall or surface.  Since Wall Stickers have a clear background, most are reusable but they will not offer a clear appearance to the background wall surface.