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Wall Decals  Panda Flower Square Wall Decals Wall Decals  - Sunday Buddha
Panda-Wall Decals
Price: $49.00
Wall Decals  - Monday Buddha Wall Decals  - Wednesday  Buddha Wall Decals  - Friday Buddha
Cane Pattern Headboard Wall Decals Wall Decals  Lady Nature Wall Decals  Japanese Waterway
Woman's Pretty Face Wall Decal, LG 32 colors- 5 sizes | Wall Decals  Kokeshi Of The Spring Wall Decals  Hindu Om
Hamsa Wall Decals Wall Decals Koi Fish Reflective Wall Decals Koi Fish
Hamsa-Wall Decals
Price: $59.00
Wall Decals  Bamboo 2 Wall Decals  Bamboo 3 Wall Decals  Bamboo 4
Seated Buddha Meditation Yoga Spa Restaurant Wall Mural, 32 Colors - 6 sizes | Wall Decals  Asian Door Wall Decals  Asian Sport Fighting
Wall Decals  Kokeshi & Cat Wall Decals  - Taj Mahal Japanese Maple Tree Wall Decal, Bonsai Tree
Wall Decals  - India Wall Decals  - Tuesday Buddha Wall Decals  - Thursday Buddha
India Wall Decals
Price: $69.00
Wall Decals  - Saturday Buddha TuTu Panda Wall Decals Wall Decals Dragon
Dragon-Wall Decals
Price: $69.00
Shoji Screen Wall Decals Windowbiloba  - Glass Decals Glass Decals Bamboo 1
Shoji Screen Wall Decals
Price Per Panel $79.00
Japanese Plum Screen - Frosted Glass - Ornate Legacy Screen - Glass Decal Japanese Window  - Glass Decals Lotus Window  - Glass Decals
Japanese Window - Glass Decals
Price Per Panel $99.00
Lotus Window - Glass Decals
Price Per Panel $109.00

Everyone needs to find inner peace from time to time. Our wide selection of Asian wall decals and Buddha wall stickers can transform any space into your own personal fortress of zen. Cover your walls with bamboo plants, lotus flowers, and Japanese maple trees to create a calm atmosphere inspired by the serenity of nature.

Likewise, it’s hard to gaze at the smiling face of Buddha and not instantly feel your worries melt away. Or choose an image of the Taj Mahal or a shoji screen to imagine life in a faraway land. Our decals are available in 32 colors to suit your specific room or decor. The stickers are made of self-adhesive removable vinyl, so they can be put up or taken down easily. Add an Asian flair to your living room, bedroom, office, yoga studio, and more!