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To start us off, we interviewed frequent WALLTAT chooser John Colaneri (JMC below), from HGTV and ellentube's DesignDuo:
We use the term 'exhibition quality' to describe our decals. What does that mean to you and how has WALLTAT lived up to those words?
"Walltat allows homeowners to make their home unique and gives them something that makes their home really stand out. The fact they can install the product themselves gives them a sense of accomplishment."

What installation tips can you offer?
JMC"When installing the best tip I can give is slow is fast. You cannot rush this process and you have to take your time. Also always make sure you clean the wall before you start the install."

For what unique applications have you used WALLTAT decals?

JMC"I have used Walltat in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. If there was a mural or focal point I wanted to highlight I would use Walltat in this application."

What comments have you heard about WALLTAT decals you have used?

JMC"All of my customers have loved the Walltat decals and have gotten rave reviews from family and friends when they come over."

Who is the ideal customer for WALLTAT?

JMC"Anyone who wants their home to standout and be unique is the ideal customer for Walltat."